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High quality & complete design

Studio GR Interiors offers a high quality and complete design service in Berkshire and London.

Mixing the right colours & textures

Selecting the right colours, mixing the right textures, and obtaining the right furnishings can be a daunting and time consuming process. Studio GR Interiors can help you make these important decisions.

Leading fabric, wallpaper & furniture suppliers

With an extensive collection of leading fabric, wallpaper and furniture suppliers, chosen for their dedication to quality and style, Studio GR Interiors can source everything including curtains, soft furnishings, wall coverings, flooring, paints and contemporary or antique furniture. A team of specialist craftsmen and trades people ensure that everything is professionally made and fitted. From concept to final installation Studio GR Interiors design service covers all aspects for creating the perfect home.

Restyle a room or your whole home

Studio GR Interiors is here to help you to restyle a room or your whole home and works closely with you to develop and deliver stunning result. Our clients are at the heart of the project and we ensure that clients remain engaged in the decision making process.

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